Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley is an Australian-born all-round music extraordinaire having studied composition at the Sydney Conservatorium, including jazz and classical piano privately. Today Mike is best known as pianist composer, song writer and producer. 

Mike spent many years in South East Asia and the Middle East doing humanitarian work, as well as playing a lot of music wherever he would go. During Mike’s time in Lebanon, he became more acquainted with lounge and chill-out music which is still prominent throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East today. 

In 2010, Mike won the istockaudio.com award for ‘Artistic Vision’ and in 2019 Mike won the prestigious - City News ‘Artist of the Year Award’ and finished the year on a high - winning the 2019 APRA 'Best Music for Children's Television' award, an impressive accomplishment. 

While Mike has gained vast experience in playing around the world and more recently in Canberra and the surrounding region, at this stage the collaborating partnership – DM ASCENSION will be focusing on producing more quality tracks from Mike’s studio with a view to tour in the near future.


Sharing our passion for chill-out, smooth jazz and love for lounge music”

Daniel White

Daniel White was born in Canberra, Australia and is excited to embark on an explorative journey composing and producing music featuring local and international talents and opportunities in the future.  

‘There are so many amazing artists and incredible music being produced at our fingertips today, comprising of well-known and upcoming artists from Canberra, Australia and around the world that continue to inspire and have given me the impetus to explore and produce music.’ 

‘I first met Mike Dooley back in 2010 and after my initial meeting with Mike, I not only realized he was a great guy, but Mike was open and receptive to a diverse range of music styles and ideas I put forward. In 2019 I met up with Mike again about an idea and concept I had for a track and a few sessions later 'Oceana' was born.

While recording Oceana in Mike's studio, I approached Mike about producing more chill-out and lounge music using contemporary beats and no sooner was DM ASCENSION formed.’